Towards the Convivial Economy

Towards the Convivial Economy by Patrick Noble

Patrick Noble is an organic farmer living in Wales. He has published six previous books on green issues.

  • Notes from the Old Blair and Bush, 2008
  • Romantic Economics, 2010
  • The Commons of Soil, 2011
  • The Lost Coefficient of Time, 2011
  • A Potent Nostalgia, 2013
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream, 2015

His website and blog about his organic farm can be seen at http://www.bryncocynorganic.co.uk/

In this book he writes with passion about the ways of establishing a greener more convivial world. Drawing on some of the radical ideas of David Fleming he sets his argument firmly against today's world of multi-nationals and global transport.


“Noble’s faith in the persistent possibilities of conviviality and the commons, even among the shadows of these times, is heartening and much needed.”
- Dougald Hine, social thinker, writer, founder of Spacemakers, the School of Everything and the Dark Mountain Project.

“Patrick awakened in me the flame of conviviality. He highlights how we can face the future with dignity and do our damned-best to carve out a future for our offspring with the hand-tools our ancestors have passed down to us. The convivial economy need not be a pipe-dream, it existed once, and can exist again. I owe that belief to Patrick. His writing is a flickering torch of light in our dark times.”
- Alex Heffron, writer and farmer.

“David Fleming commended that we ’do nothing that matters without consulting a conversation’, and his dearest hope for Lean Logic was to encourage such. So I feel sure he would be delighted at Patrick Noble’s thoughtful new collection, inviting a new audience to the critical conversations of our times.”
- Shaun Chamberlin, author of The Transition Timeline; editor of David Fleming's Lean Logic and Surviving the Future.

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